[Other Software]
Here is some selected software that is related to vMac.
The vMac Control Centre
This program is a good alternative to editing the vmac.cfg file yourself. It has a nice windows interface, and saves the settings to your config file.
Emulators Inc
Makers of fine products such as Gemulator and the Gemulator ROM board (supported by vMac for Windows and UNIX)
It just wouldn't be right not to mention Executor, the major force in commercial MacOS emulation. Check it out, they have a free demo available for download. Executor uses the same disk image format as vMac.
SheepShaver is a MacOS run-time environment for BeOS developed by Christian Bauer and Mar"c" Hellwig. SheepShaver allows users of PowerPC-based BeOS systems to run MacOS applications at native speed inside the BeOS multitasking environment. This means that both BeOS and MacOS applications can run at the same time and data can be exchanged between them

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