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Welcome to the vMac support area. Here is a collection of resources to help you use vMac, and learn more about it.


The vMac Knowledge Base has several articles on various problems and features relating to vMac. Please check it before sending a bug report or contacting the vMac Team.

The vMac Knowledge Base

The vMac FAQ has been compiled, and is being updated regularly to reflect the questions we recieve over e-mail, newsgroups, etc. Please, if you have a question (non-developer related), check here first before posting it to the list, web-board, or other communication channels. Looking here first reduces the amout of redundant questions, and means less flames directed at you. :P. Update: The (old) vMac FAQ is currently offline due to reasons unknown. We are currently setting up a vMac Knowledge Base to replace it with.

So, you need a ROM file, eh? Well, we got you covered. PC has made up a complete step by step list of instructions on getting a ROM file from a Mac Plus, onto your computer. It is in the download area, under CopyROM (the program that will, you guessed it, copy the ROM).

CopyROM Instructions

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ROM distribution, acquisition, and Apple's MacOS License Agreement, the official vMac statement. Find out what our possition is on copyright and license compliance.

Read the statement.


The first thing you'll want to do is pickup a basic System 7 disk image. There are various versions of System 7, due to patches, etc. We recommend getting 7.0.1, which is the latest freely available version of MacOS. That's right, you can get System 7.0.1 for free, totaly "legit".

Apple's MacOS License Agreement - Read!

System 6.0.8 (Free\Legal For Everyone) - 656 KB

System 7.0.1 (Free\Legal For Everyone) - 996 KB

The vMac Application Site (VAS) has tons of disk images, with your old time favorites, MacPaint, MacWrite, etc. They have disk images with games, productivity (!) software, specialy made for use with vMac. Note: The VAS site is not associated in anyway with vMac, the vMac project, or its team members. Do not e-mail vMac team memebers (That includes the vMac webmaster) about VAS site issues, Thankyou.

Go to VAS

Want one big disk image? Tired of swaping around with smaller 1.44m or 800k disk images to get to the stuff you want? Well if you are running Windows 9x or NT, we have just the utility for your disk image needs. Keep in mind, its not finished, but it certainly gets the job done, and is much easier than messing around with Executor just to copy a file over.

Get HFVExplorer 1.2.0 Beta (Old version)

Get the latest version of HFVExplorer here

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